Trade-Ins for Churches

Getting you gear at no cost

Have you ever found yourself needing a piece of gear but your budget is already empty for the year? Even worse, are you working on an old system that desperately needs an upgrade but you only have 50% of the needed budget? 

Maintaining your setup can be brutal. 

We can solve this budget squeeze for you

We buy tons of gear from churches. The main reason churches want to sell us their gear is to free up space. We enjoy clearing up space for churches, but we also love helping church tech directors get the gear they need. One of the most fulfilling moments for us is when we have a piece of gear a tech director needs and we can get it to them at no cost.

How is this possible? What do I need to do?

If you see a piece on our site but lack the funds to buy it, we can do a trade in. Just check your storage space for the gear you’re not using and send us your list. You can send that here

How it works

If you have enough gear to trade to cover the cost, we can make a trade. And since we are coming to your church to pick up the gear, we will deliver the gear you’re trading for as well. You get the gear you need, clear up some space, and you don’t have to pay for the gear or shipping. We love serving tech directors this way.

Have Questions?

Trade-In FAQs

If your church is too far away and there isn’t a great deal of gear for the trade in, we still have a few options. First, we may have a trip coming up in that area anyway so we can still come to you. Secondly, we may be able to send you the packing equipment if the gear is small enough and you can ship us the gear you are trading in.

This is another scenario where we can still help you get the gear you need. We’ve had churches sell us their gear to give them the funds they need to then buy the gear needed for the upgrade. If we don’t have the gear you need, we can still assist you by buying your unused gear so that you have the funds you need for your upgrade.

What is "Certified Church Owned" Gear?

You can now purchase Certified Church Owned gear exclusively at When a piece of gear receives our CCO badge it is a very special item. It is sourced from a single owner church. It’s gear that’s never toured or been used outdoors. It’s been kept in a climate controlled environment and used for only a few hours each week. Most pieces have received regular servicing by church tech directors. Each piece of CCO gear is fully tested and approved by ChurchGear techs and comes with our exclusive 6-month warranty for churches. Never before has there been a more trustworthy option for churches to buy pre-owned gear.

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