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Packaging, Shipping & Returns

1. Super Safe Packaging

A casual used gear seller will probably ship you a broken item. It’s not their fault. Simply put, shipping production gear safely is not for the faint of heart. Speakers are heavy. Power amps have sides that can bend and break. Mixing boards need to be shipped on a pallet with a Freight company.

Packing & Shipping for Over 15 Years!

Casual gear sellars are going to go to UPS and ask how they can ship their item to you. Or worse, they’ll just toss the piece in a box. We’ve been packing and shipping production gear for over 15 years. Custom boxes, fully insured. We have a dedicated shipping station equipped with the packing experts and materials to ship your gear perfectly: 

Custom Boxes

We have an entire wall with every box size you could ever need to ship gear safely. Picking a box that’ll hold the gear snuggly so it's not sloshing around is critical.

Protective Corners

Power amp sides can bend. ChurchGear power amps stay safe with our protective corners.

Heavy duty styrofoam

Buying a small speaker or smaller mixing board? We’ve got you covered. We fortify boxes with heavy duty styrofoam when needed to ensure the box’s integrity is strong enough to ship your gear safely.

Bubble wrap

We have four giant rolls of bubble wrap mounted to the wall. Yes, really.


Shipping items over 70 pounds is an entirely different ball game. Need a giant speaker or large mixer? We’ve got years of experience and dedicated team members who specialize in freight shipping. Wherever you are in the world, we can get our gear to you.


Bottom Line: We’ve shipped every single category of gear 100 if not 1,000 times. In our early years, we had some packages go arry. Now that we’ve been doing this for 15 years, we know how to safely ship used gear better than anyone else in the world.

2. Next Day Shipping

Over 90% of our gear is shipped within one business day. We have multiple team members who specifically ship items Monday through Friday. Casual gear sellers will ship their gear when they get around to it. Shipping items quickly at ChurchGear is an automatic, dedicated part of our day. Shipments go out quickly so they can arrive at your door fast. You will receive an online tracking number for your shipment so you can see it’s progress all the way to your doorstep.

3. 30-Day Return Policy

Our 30-day return policy applies to any purchase made on churchgear.com. From the day your gear arrives at your doorstep, you have 30 days to love it. If you are dissatisfied for any reason or simply don’t want to keep it, you are welcome to return the item in the same condition for a full refund of the purchase price. 

“What about shipping return costs?”

For any items not as advertised, ChurchGear will cover the shipping costs. If you simply change your mind on an item you purchased, you would be responsible for all shipping costs. There are no restocking fees on any items received back in the original condition. The return must be initiated and the item shipped with online tracking within 30 days of the date the item arrived to you.

Here is what our customers are saying
about our Super Safe Packing practices

“The best packaging job I have ever seen on eBay. Bought a rack mount extension chassis and those are generally pretty big and heavy. This was packed so well you would think it shipped from the factory. I highly recommend this seller.”
eBay Customer
Purchased an AVID PCI-7 extender pro tools card chassis
“Very well packed and strapped to a pallet for easy shipping and delivery. All around great transaction and would not even give it a second thought to purchase again from this seller.”
Reverb Customer
Purchased a Yamaha MBM7CL Meterbridge for M7CL digital mixing console

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What is "Certified Church Owned" Gear?

You can now purchase Certified Church Owned gear exclusively at churchgear.com. When a piece of gear receives our CCO badge it is a very special item. It is sourced from a single owner church. It’s gear that’s never toured or been used outdoors. It’s been kept in a climate controlled environment and used for only a few hours each week. Most pieces have received regular servicing by church tech directors. Each piece of CCO gear is fully tested and approved by ChurchGear techs and comes with our exclusive 6-month warranty for churches. Never before has there been a more trustworthy option for churches to buy pre-owned gear.

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