Selling Your Gear To ChurchGear

Because we love working with churches to find new homes for their gear. Whenever possible, we try to redirect your gear to smaller churches that don’t have the resources to buy brand new.

Yes, but you haven’t done so to date, and that’s the point. All of our team grew up in the church, and most of us have been on staff. We get that it’s a pain to write a listing, take pictures, and communicate with flaky buyers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace with all the other responsibilities you have going on. Same for Reverb and Ebay, plus no one wants to buy from a new user with no reputation. We will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about it.

No way! We will offer you fair market price for your gear that also takes into consideration the effort we put into picking it up, making repairs, finding buyers to resell to, shipping it all over the world, etc.

All kinds of gear! Mixers, power amps, compressors, EQs, digital effects, wireless mic systems, in-ear monitor set-ups, microphones, speakers, snakes, rack gear, video cameras, video switches, stage lights, moving lights, lighting boards, projectors, digital video recorders, cassette decks, keyboards, drum sets, hand bells, etc.

Yes. We will pick up from any church in the lower 48 states. Once you've submitted your gear list and we've made an offer to buy the gear, that offer needs to be at least $2,500 for us to be able to pick the gear up from your church. If your church doesn't hit the $2,500 pick up number and you have smaller items that we made an offer on that can be shipped, we can do that as well. 

The only way to find out for sure is to click the “Get Started” button below which will let us know what you’re looking to sell. If the dollar amount of your gear makes it uneconomical for us to come physically pick it up in-person, we’ll make arrangements to get everything shipped to us via UPS.

Once we acquire the gear in our possession (it arrives at our warehouse via UPS, or picked up from our drivers) a payment will be initiated to you through our bank.  We will email you a confirmation and the money will arrive to you within 7 business days.

No. It takes us time to restore and resell your gear, but you don't have to worry about any of that. You’re paid in-full the same day we haul everything away.

We’d recommend clicking the “Get Started” button below so you can at least get an idea of how much money you’d get for your gear today. Then visit us again when you know you’re ready to move forward. Just keep in mind that pricing may change between now and then as our offers expire after 7 days.

There isn’t one. What started as a hobby for our founder in 2004 has evolved into a small, super-efficient team… and we have our process down pat. You can easily get us the info we need about your gear in just a few min. After that, we’ll send you a real cash offer within 10 business days. If you don’t like the offer for any reason, you’re under no obligation to accept it. That’s where it ends. You’re out nothing except a tiny bit of time. If you like the offer and click to accept it, we’ll take care of the rest. That unwanted gear will be gone and out of your hair! 

Purchasing Gear

When your church purchases a piece of gear at, you will receive a 6 month warranty on your item. If it stops working properly, breaks down, or has another issue from standard use, ChurchGear has you covered. We will work to troubleshoot and repair over phone or email, order replacement parts, swap the item for a replacement of the same make and model or if all else fails, offer a return for a full refund. Our warranty is only available to churches who purchase on at the advertised price.

Our 30 day return policy applies to any purchase made on From the day your gear arrives at your doorstep, you have 30 days to love it. If you are dissatisfied for any reason or simply don’t want to keep it, you are welcome to return the item in the same condition for a full refund of the purchase price. For any items not as advertised, ChurchGear will cover the shipping costs. If you simply change your mind on an item you purchased, you would be responsible for all shipping costs. There are no restocking fees on any items received back in the original condition. The return must be initiated and the item shipped with online tracking within 30 days of the date the item arrived to you.

To keep the accounting straight, we no longer do trade-ins. However, you can submit a gear list here and we can make an offer on the gear you'd like to sell us. After we've bought the gear from us, you can then use those funds to buy gear from our site. 

We try our best to get items shipped within two business days of purchase. Shipments go out quickly so they can arrive at your door fast. You will receive an online tracking number for your shipment so you can see it’s progress all the way to your doorstep.

At ChurchGear, we sell and ship all sorts of fragile and delicate equipment. Each and every piece is unique which means it requires a unique packaging job. Our warehouse support has been packing and shipping production gear for over 15 years. We use tons of bubble wrap, protective corners and heavy duty styrofoam when necessary.

Our local pickup policy requires payment to be completed before we schedule a pickup. At the pickup time, we will set up the equipment to be tested (you can bring your own items as needed or use some of our gear to test). If unsatisfied with the equipment test, we would refund you and keep the item if you decide not to move forward. Since eBay, Reverb and our site protects the purchase for you with a return guarantee, we have found this process to work well for everyone.

In order to best serve our global customers, we have small parcel shipping through UPS International shipping. Anywhere UPS goes, we go.

However, some places are hard to reach, even in our ever growing international market. We have competitive rates in the United States and Canada, as well as West Europe, East Asia, Australia/Oceania, South America, and more! Places like Africa, Greater Asia, and parts of South America are still reachable, but can be expensive places to ship your item.

Items over 150 lbs./70 kg. or other items considered freight are currently only available for our customers in the United states and Canada, but we are steadily working to expand our market for our large items!

If you would like to know what it would cost to send ChurchGear to your area, reach out to us at for a shipping quote today!

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