A warranty on used gear?

No one does that. No one, but us. Because we know our gear’s backstory is that of a lightly used piece and we have tested the gear, we can confidently warranty our gear. You’ll know it carries a warranty when you see the orange badge on the listing. 

*Only Available to Churches

 Our warranty is available only to churches who purchase on churchgear.com at the advertised price with a valid church email address, and is only offered on “Certified Church Owned” gear. All gear listed without the CCO badge falls under our standard 30-day return policy.

In Conclusion

We’re the first site to bring a warranty on used production gear for churches. Our mission is to serve church tech directors’ production needs, and our exclusive 6-month warranty to churches is another way we fulfill this mission.


We know our gear works. Every single piece of gear goes through our testing process before it ever makes it to our site. However, things happen. Thus, we offer this warranty to provide even further protection to you and your church.

Only gear with the CCO orange badge carries a warranty. We test all of our gear before it makes it to the site but we reserve the CCO badge for the gear that we have the utmost trust in to be around for a long, long time.

We have a 30-day return policy for both our Certified Church Owned gear as well as our gear that isn’t certified. From the day your gear arrives at your doorstep, you have 30 days to love it. If you are dissatisfied for any reason or simply don’t want to keep it, you are welcome to return the item in the same condition for a full refund of the purchase price. For any items not as advertised, ChurchGear will cover the shipping costs. If you simply change your mind on an item you purchased, you would be responsible for all shipping costs. There are no restocking fees on any items received back in the original condition. The return must be initiated and the item shipped with online tracking within 30 days of the date the item arrived to you.

Our warranty only applies to gear being purchased for churches. If you’re buying the gear for personal use, the warranty would not apply. We’re happy to still sell our gear to you. We do not exclusively sell to churches. But our warranty only applies to churches. You will still have the 30-day return policy. And again, we test every piece before it is listed on our site.

You can now purchase Certified Church Owned gear exclusively at churchgear.com. When a piece of gear receives our CCO badge it is a very special item. It is sourced from a single owner church. It’s gear that’s never toured or been used outdoors. It’s been kept in a climate controlled environment and used for only a few hours each week. Most pieces have received regular servicing by church tech directors. Each piece of CCO gear is fully tested and approved by ChurchGear techs and comes with our exclusive 6-month warranty for churches. Never before has there been a more trustworthy option for churches to buy pre-owned gear.