Recruiting Church Tech Volunteers

Recruiting church tech volunteers will be easier with these nine tips.

  1. New member meeting
  2. Create a fun environment
  3. Have great production value
  4. Recruit in the High School ministry
  5. Internships
  6. Church Tech volunteer webpage
  7. Church social media channels & email list
  8. Pre service-slides
  9. Team events with friends

1. New Member Meeting

Recruiting church tech volunteers at the new member meeting is good.

Make sure your ministry is listed and mentioned in the initial meeting that new church members attend. You never know who could be joining the church next. In Nashville, we see retired musicians and techs join the church all the time and immediately jump into the tech ministry. Your next volunteer could be sitting in the new member meeting.

2. Recruiting Church Tech Volunteers with a Fun Environment

Not only will this help with the retention of current volunteers, but these volunteers will also tell their other friends at church that this is a great place to serve. Fun, matching tech shirts and mugs can create unity and a sense of comradely. Inside jokes, creating a safe environment for questions, and being welcoming all around will make an environment people will want to be a part of. Thousands of books are out there on how to create great culture. The simplest summary is: this is done in many small, creative ways that make all people feel appreciated and included. The rest of the church will see this and want to be included. 

3. Have Great Production Value

Give potential church tech volunteers something to aspire to. If there are miscues or bad feedback, people will stay on the sidelines. And the ones that would like to be involved might have an “I can fix it mindset”. Give them something they want to attach to. If you need some better gear to create this production value but have budget constraints, never fear. You can get amazing, used production gear to level up your ministry with our Top 10 Platforms to Buy Used Production Gear article.

You can recruit new church tech volunteers in the high school ministry.

4. Recruiting Church Tech Volunteers in High School

Tons of current tech directors started in high school and learned they loved tech. Reach out to the high school minister at your church and ask them to let you tell the students on a Wednesday night about volunteering in your department. Check out our 10 Tips to training new audio visual church volunteers here.

5. Recruiting Church Tech Volunteers with Internships

College students need internships for experience and to build professional references that will vouch for them in a job interview. Is there a college close by? How big is the college ministry at your church? If you have enough people nearby, make an intern position. Sometimes you need to entice people with something to get them to volunteer, and an internship could take a really talented person from “I don’t have time” to “I desperately need this”.

6. Church Tech Volunteer Webpage

People like to vet something before they make contact. reports 81% of shoppers research products before purchasing them. We live in a new world where everyone vets everything and everyone before they interact with that person or thing in real life. In marketing, we call this “letting them convince themselves.” By simply providing prospective church tech volunteers the information they need about the ministry, you are giving yourself a chance to have new volunteers reach out at anytime. Furthermore, you will not have to type out a summary of the ministry anytime someone is interested. You can simply send them the link.

7. Church Social Media Channels & Email Lists

You have a webpage to link to, now ask your church social media person to post about the need for volunteers. Just include the link in the post. Next, ask about the church email list, and write an email to be sent church wide and include your webpage link in the email.

8. Recruiting Church Tech Volunteers w/ Pre Service Slides

Being resourceful and using what is available around you is what church tech directors are best at, so utilize your control over the pre service slides to advertise to the congregation. The members who arrive early will see this and being early is a key need for new church tech volunteers. Plus there is zero downside to doing this. The service hasn’t started so the slide will utilize that space. You could say something fun like: “Want to have the power to put up slides like this? Join the Church Tech Volunteer Team Today”.

Have fun events for your volunteers

9. Team Events with Friends

Hosting events for your church tech volunteers is a great way to create camaraderie amongst your volunteers. However, it can give you an additional benefit by opening up the door to new volunteers. Let your team know they can bring a friend to the event. When their friends see how great the church tech crew is, they’ll want to join the tech ministry.


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