What does “Certified Church Owned” Mean?

DEFINITION: Certified Church Owned production gear has been sourced from a single owner church and has never been toured or been used outdoors. It’s been kept in a climate controlled environment and used for only a few hours each week. Each piece is fully tested and approved by ChurchGear techs and comes with our exclusive 6 month warranty for churches. Never before has there been a more trustworthy option for churches to buy pre-owned production gear. 

Bottom Line:We’re the only place offering a 6 month warranty on used gear to churches. Buy gear from us with confidence.

The Lifecycle of the Gear

When you compare the wear and tear most used gear has, Certified Church Owned gear is just better. A lot better. Let’s compare the life cycle of a speaker owned by a touring company/musician and a speaker owned by a church.

Bottom Line: 

In a two-month timeframe, Certified Church Owned production gear has been used less, has stayed in the same space, and has never seen an outdoor venue. In every metric, it’s just better than the typical used gear out there.