Yamaha PM1DV2 VCM with I/O, Master Clock, and Backup Power Supplies

YamahaSKU: CG00TBF

Condition: Excellent

Sale price$3,499.99


Version 2, and has VCM. Includes CS1D control surface, DSP1D-EX, two PW1D Power supplies and power supply connection cables, two AI8-ML8F and one AI8 for a total of 96 analog inputs, one AO8-DA8 and one AO8 for a total of 64 analog outputs, two APC SUA1500RM2U Smart-UPS backup power supplies, and one Lucid GENx192 Studio Master Clock. All of the rack gear is racked and ready to go. This system is plug and play, ready to go.

  • Correct power supply, Connection cable(s), Master Clock

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