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If you’re trying to decide between Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear, we are breaking down the best and worst attributes between them below. Both platforms have things they do really well. Think about what you’re looking for specifically(speed, price, specificity) to decide which platform is best.

1. Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear: Price

When someone is selling an item on Facebook MarketPlace, they have emotionally divorced that item. Facebook MarketPlace is where people sell an item when they are ready to move on from the item pronto. Businesses sell on websites like Reverb and eBay. For the most part, major businesses are not selling on Facebook MarketPlace at scale.

Thus, the price is typically marked down in accordance with the seller’s eagerness to be done with the item. With this being the case, you’ll probably find a better price on Facebook MarketPlace. The challenge will just be finding that piece though. Speaking of, let’s look at our next point.

Score: ChurchGear 0 vs. Facebook MarketPlace 1.

2. Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear: Specificity

While Facebook MarketPlace typically has cheaper prices, you’ll struggle to find the used production gear you’re searching for on that platform. Since you’ll only be able to buy items that are local to your area, the selection is very limited. There is a shipping option for Facebook MarketPlace, but we’d highly recommend against this as the shipper is likely a rookie. After 15 years of shipping, we’ve seen a lot of ways shipping used production gear can go wrong. So stay local.

Since you’re staying local though, you’re going to have a hard time finding the gear you need. If you need something quickly, you’ll need to check with us as we have a wider selection and can ship within a single business day. Between the two platforms, ChurchGear will have way more options.

Score: ChurchGear 1 vs. Facebook Marketplace 1.

3. Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear: Quality

When you’re emotionally done with an item, that probably means you view the item as ‘done’. Will the used production gear be toast? Probably not. But let’s compare this gear to the used production gear on ChurchGear.

Our gear comes from churches so you can assume the following perks: this gear has been in a climate controlled area, hasn’t traveled or toured, and has experienced minimal usage.

When it comes to the used production gear market, we have the best quality gear guaranteed.

Score: ChurchGear 2 vs. Facebook Marketplace 1.

4. Local Pickup

We also have local pickup, but you’ll have to live in the Nashville/Franklin TN area. With Facebook MarketPlace, you should be able to find local people selling used production gear nearby. Facebook MarketPlace is great when you’re just perusing for fun. If you see something general like a really great guitar that is close by, you could suddenly score! When you’re looking at Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear, that scenario is the best case for Facebook MarketPlace.

Pro tip: If you plan to meet up with an internet stranger to buy used production gear for your church, see if you have mutal friends with them. If you do, you can reach out to the friend you have in common to make sure they are legit. In addition, check out our 8 Crucial Steps to follow when buying used production gear in person.

Score: ChurchGear 2 vs. Facebook MarketPlace 2.

5. Vetting Sellers

On Facebook MarketPlace, you’ll need to vet the sellers. With ChurchGear, you know exactly who you are buying from platform wide. You know we test our gear, ship it safely and offer your church a 6-month warranty on our Certified Church Owned gear. On Facebook, you’ll need to vet the seller and ensure they have treated the gear well. You want gear that has had a boring life and it’ll take time to confirm that.

6. Warranties

Speaking of warranties, ChurchGear is the only platform to offer them between the two. We have built our entire company with the focus to serve church techs and worship leaders. If you’re buying Certified Church Owned gear with a church email, you’ll get a 6-month warranty on the gear.

Conclusion: Facebook MarketPlace or ChurchGear

Although the score is 4 to 2, the difference between Facebook Marketplace and ChurchGear is going to be decided by what you need specifically. Do you need something specific and quick? You should check with us. Are you looking for a random, super great deal? See if someone has emotionally ditched an amazing piece of gear.

Want to expand your used production gear search? We have a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Platforms to Buy Used Production Gear here.


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