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We buy your church's used production gear.

Current Job Openings

ChurchGear is looking for people who have high emotional intelligence and can think team first.  These people understand the value of hard work and are self-motivated to set and accomplish goals, and take responsibility for their actions.  They are smart and business savvy, at the same time love to laugh and have fun in a flexible, mission-minded growing organization.

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What is "Certified Church Owned" Gear?

You can now purchase Certified Church Owned gear exclusively at churchgear.com. When a piece of gear receives our CCO badge it is a very special item. It is sourced from a single owner church. It’s gear that’s never toured or been used outdoors. It’s been kept in a climate controlled environment and used for only a few hours each week. Most pieces have received regular servicing by church tech directors. Each piece of CCO gear is fully tested and approved by ChurchGear techs and comes with our exclusive 6-month warranty for churches. Never before has there been a more trustworthy option for churches to buy pre-owned gear.

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