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Checking the reviews of a company is a crucial step before you buy from them.Thus, we recommend checking a seller’s reviews before you buy from them. Here is a breakdown of all the ChurchGear Reviews on Reverb & eBay over the past twelve months.

ChurchGear Reviews overall over the past 12 months


  • Past 12 months
    • 472 total reviews
    • 99% of reviews are positive
  • Total reviews for the entire time we’ve been on Reverb
    • 1,573 total reviews
    • 98% of reviews are positive
  • Updated as of November 26th 2021.


  • Past 12 months
    • 99.3% of reviews are positive
    • Updated as of November 26th 2021.

ChurchGear Reviews on Shipping Safely

Shipping items safely is one of the biggest reasons to buy from ChurchGear. We’ve been shipping used pro audio equipment for over 15 years and have a shipping station with all the packing supplies we could ever need to ship gear safely. Our team ships items out right as they sell. The ChurchGear Reviews on shipping are our most common review type.

Paul M. purchased a Furman RP-8L Outlet power conditioner and had this to say:

Well-packaged, shipped quickly, and was just as described. Thanks!

David K. purchased an Audix F15 Condensor Microphone:

Fast and Easy. Very quick to ship out and Item was described exactly . Will buy more from this Seller.

ChurchGear Reviews on Shipping Quickly

We also ship items quickly. If you’re buying used production gear from someone who is just looking to get rid of a thing or two, you may have to wait a few days before they get around to shipping the item. We have a dedicated team shipping items out every single business day. Over 90% of our used production gear is sold within a single business day.

Britael purchased a JBL MP412 12″ Two-Way Passive Speaker:

Thank you for speedy service. Ups took am extra 2 days to deliver. But your service was perfect. Thank you.

Brian B. purchased a Crown DSi 4000 2-Channel Power Amp:

Amplifier packaged well and arrived in good condition. Smooth and easy transaction would buy again.

Church Gear Reviews on Freight Shipping

When you buy a large piece of used production gear, you’re going to have to say a prayer that it arrives to you safely. When an item is over 70 pounds, it must be placed on a wooden pallet and shipped by a freight company. We build wooden boxes around all of our pallets to ensure they arrive safely. If you’re buying speakers, a mixing board, or anything that is large or heavy, you absolutely must make sure the seller knows how to ship the item safely.

Lewis R. purchased a pair of Meyer Sound 650-P Active Subwoofers:

Speakers are in fantastic shape .There was some ambiguity about shipping but they were very cooperative in arranging a freight service and I’m very happy.

ChurchGear Reviews on Gear Quality

The quality of our used production gear is the #1 reason to buy from us. Our gear comes lightly used from churches. When you buy gear from a church, you know the gear has been in a climate controlled building, used minimally and never played outside. When you look at all the options of used pro audio equipment on the internet, we easily have the highest quality gear.

R. Hollis bought a Vox AC4C1-BL 1×10″ 4-Watt Limited Edition Tube Combo Amp:

Looks almost brand new! Sounds great, shipped fast. Great experience.

Joe B. purchased a Allen & Heath WZ16:2DX Analog Mixer:

I’m super happy with this company the product Is pristine, Customer service is phenomenal I honestly will alway keep an eye on the products their selling. Thank you CruchGear!!!

Trevor L. bought a Roland D-110 Multi Timbral Midi Sound Module:

Great condition! For a piece from decades ago, this thing arrived as if it were brand new. Highly recommend this seller! They’re the real deal.

Thorsten W. purchased a Clearsonic 24×24 Acoustic Panels 20:

Great transaction! Fast and secure shipping, the acoustic panels are in perfect condition, I highly recommend Church Gear, they do carry fantastic equipment! Very professional communication! Thanks You!

ChurchGear Reviews on Communication

Paul C. bought a Yamaha MY16-AT Digital I/O card for mixer:

Arrived well packed and fully functional. Communication was clear and concise.

Danny B. purchased a Crown Com-Tech 800 2-Channel Power Amp:

Great to work with. Responded right away to my inquiry and shipped right away. 2 thumbs up!

David S. bought a Yamaha SPX90 Digital Sound Processor:

Amazing customer service! I’ve had issues buying these units in the past when it came to shipping. They heard my cry! Unit came in without a hitch! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any other gear! Thanks again!!!

On Returns to ChurchGear

We offer 6-month warranties to churches on our Certified Church Owned gear. We also offer a 30-day return policy on all of our gear to everyone else. You can read more about it here.

Nick V. bought a dbx 231S 2 Channel 31 Band EQ:

I had to return the unit but they were super nice and sent me a shipping label right away. Great seller, would definitely recommend!

Brian M. purchased a Yamaha Tio1608-D 16×8 I/O Rack:

Packed well, honest seller- pictures were fair to condition

ChurchGear Reviews On Local Pickup

If you live in middle TN and would like to save on shipping cost, you can pick your gear up from the warehouse. We have had people come as far as Washington state to pick up our gear. With us living in Nashville, many people make a weekend trip out of it.

Timothy C. purchased a JBL ASB6128 Dual 18″ passive subwoofer:

A great organization provided easy-open door communication for coordinating a local pick-up providing informational knowledge about purchased items. Church Gear’s professionalism displayed how business should operate. Chandler’s House of Sounds.

On Refunds

Tony C. bought a Solid State Logic XLogic Delta-Link Madi Audio Converter:

Unfortunately, I had to return this item due to system incompatibility. However, Church Gear honored their return policy and accepted by refund request without hesitation. I have returned the item and received a prompt refund. Thank you for a good experience!

On International Shipping

If you live outside of the United States, we can still get our used production gear to you. In fact, we sell a lot of used production gear to international customers. We’re well versed in international shipping and exports.

Alex M. bought a PreSonus ACP88 8 Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate:

Arrived in excellent condition and exceptionally quickly, given it traveled from the US to AUD. An excellent buyer experience.

ChurchGear Reviews On Mishaps

Nathan R bought a Sound City vintage 4×12 guitar speaker cab:

Good seller, fast quote, fast shipping, handled an issue I had fairly and promptly. Happy customer.

Kees L. purchased an Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor

Good communication and fast shipping. Customer support was excellent after initial shipment was lost by UPS. Prompt refund and offer to send new unit. Thanks!

On Repeat Customers

We love helping customers over and over again with their used production gear needs. The secret to hacking ChurchGear is to be on our Early Service. We send out our best gear on Mondays at 8:45 AM via the Early Service. You’ll have 48 hours to buy the gear before anyone else in the world. Some of our best used production gear can sell within the hour. Don’t compete with the entire world. If you’re a repeating customer, take advantage of the Early Service.

Matt B. purchased a MOTU 2408 mkII Rack Mounted Midi Interface:

Church Gear aka NGF has been a regular supplier of my music gear needs as I have been a customer of theirs for nearly 4 years because of their quality, service and price.

We know there are tons of places to buy used production gear. Here is our breakdown of our we stack up against other platforms.

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